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Mariah Carey Infinity music video

Mariah Carey Gets Matched With 'Empire' Star Jussie Smollett drinking champagne and daubing herself with her perfume in "Infinity" Music Video Shot by Brett Ratner

Mariah Carey's "Infinity" now has an official music video.

The pop superstar shared the clip overnight with a tweet to her 15.5 million followers.

Tyson Beckford, who recently gave Carey a lap dance at Chippendales in Las Vegas, appears as if he just came from work, with no shirt and just a bowtie. He offers the singer a bouquet of flowers, but similarly ends up with a door closed on his face. Smollett, however, at the end of the video seems to get a second chance from Carey.

A good part of the video cuts between Carey performing in her Las Vegas show at Caesars Palace and getting ready to go on a date.

Shot by Brett Ratner, the video showcases Carey in all her diva glory as she drinks champagne and daubs herself with her very own brand of perfume.

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