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David Letterman Debuts New Beard After Leaving The Late

The 68-year-old recently debuted a new mustache and beard, weeks after retiring from his job as host of The Late Show on May 20, more than 21 years after the series' debut.

He was seen sporting his scruffy look while walking in New York City, where he lives and where the program is filmed, decked out in sunglasses, a white leather racer jacket, jeans and sneakers.

His successor, Stephen Colbert, also grew what was dubbed a "Colbeard" after leaving his Comedy Central series The Colbert Report and shaved it off, gradually (while debuting amazing styles such as the "Half Wolverine"), for a promo video for The Late Show. The 51-year-old host will make his debut on the program in September.

Letterman has sported a mustache and beard before. He grew even scruffier facial hair in 2007, when the Writers Guild of America union went on strike for three months, during which few episodes of The Late Show were filmed. In January 2008, a month before the strike ended and days after the series returned following a deal between his production company and the WGA, he had it shaved off on the air.

Letterman said on the show at the time that he was "sick about it" and "torn" because he liked not having to shave but was being pressured to lose the beard, according to the New York Daily News.

Guest Tom Hanks brought a first-aid kit for Letterman because he cut himself slightly while shaving.

"Shaving beards on TV," he joked. "That's what shows without writers do." Source link

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