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Chace Crawford is coming back to TV

Chace Crawford the 29-year-old hottie is coming back to TV to co-star on Blood & Oil, a new primetime soap on ABC about the oil business in North Dakota.

While we'd love to see Crawford reunite with his Gossip Girl pals on the show, it doesn't sound like that's going to happen anytime soon.

"I can't stand any of them," Crawford joked with me earlier this week at the SAG Foundation's Los Angeles Golf Classic. "I can't stand any of those people. I never want to see them again."

He actually may not be seeing much of them�"or much of anyone else in Hollywood for that matter.
"We go back to work in July," Crawford said. "We shot it in Salt Lake City. I'm moving up to Park City real soon."
Crawford and Rebecca Rittenhouse play a newly married couple that moves to "The Bakken" in North Dakota looking for work when the area booms after the largest oil discovery in U.S. history. It doesn't take long before Crawford going head-to-head with a ruthless oil tycoon played by Don Johnson.

If the trailer is indication of things to come, expect lots of backstabbing, money and hot sex.

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