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New Media Art & Sound Summit June 11-13 To Austin

The New Media Art & Sound Summit is coming June 11-13 to Austin TX. The event is described as '3-day festival of adventurous sound and vision'.

On Saturday, June 13th, the event will feature modular synth performances by:

Alessandro Cortini (LA),
Richard Devine (Atlanta)
Surachai (Chicago)
Snowbeasts (Providence)
Tyler Thompson (Denver)
Dylan C (Austin)
Baseck (LA)

The day will also features a Trash_Audio synth meet, co-sponsored by I/O Music Technology and Switched On Austin, with the following synth manufacturers:

Bleep Labs
LZX Industries
Make Noise
Noise Engineering
Super Synthesis

The event will be held June 11-13 at the Church of the Friendly Ghost, in Austin, Texas.

Tickets are available for US $40. More info is available at the Friendly Ghost site.
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