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Multi Commander a Better Windows File Manager

Multi Commander is a replacement for Windows Explorer. It provide some very efficient way of working with files. It is using the popular and efficient Dual-Panel layout, That will let you do all the task you need to do with just the keyboard. Mouse is supported, but the strength is that you can do everything with only the keyboard allowing you to be fast and efficient.

Multi Commander is built using an Extension/Plug-in architecture. Almost everything in Multi Commander is a Extension/Plug-in. This allows the user to disable some extension if wanted. And it also allows for new features to be added in a easier way and for 3de party developers extend Multi Commander with more function.

Multi Commander was recently updated to version 5.0 and subsequently to version 5.1.1 so I thought it worth taking a look. The developer's description is on this page and download links are here. There are both 32- and 64-bit editions. The program is said to work on all current versions of Windows from XP on up. You can choose either a full installer or a portable version. I tried only the portable 64-bit version, Windows 7 and 8.1. The portable version is an 8 MB zipped collection that should be unpacked to a folder of its own. To use the program, run the file MultiCommander.exe. The first time it is run, the program will display a dialog for configuring mouse and keyboard settings. The setting "Windows Explorer Compatibility Look 'N Feel" will suit many but there are a number of other options.

Online documentation of how to use the file manager is available on this page. This same page also has a link that provides a download of a PDF with documentation. In addition, the developer runs a support forum at this linkSource link

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