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Morgan Stewart Models in NYC, EJ Johnson Plans Bahamas Trip

The season three premiere of The #RichKids didn't waste any time getting right back into the Beverly Hills drama opening with a cabana pool party thrown by Dorothy Wang to get everyone together!

At the party, EJ Johnson shows off his amazing weight loss and Dorothy debuts her new hair! After the party we see a glimpse into Brendan Fitzpatrick and Morgan Stewart's life after moving in together and it's going exactly how we could expect. Bickering, but they're choosing they're battles.

Then Morgan gets a call from her publicist saying that Untitled Magazine wants her to be their fashion correspondent for New York Fashion Week and walk in a runway show! But, Brendan isn't super excited for her which makes her quickly upset.

Next up, EJ, Roxy Sowlaty, Morgan and Dorothy head to lunch and discuss their upcoming plans. EJ shares that he will be having a business trip to the Bahamas and invites the girls to come along. When they discussed who else he would invite, he was not sure if wanted to invite Jonny due to his outbursts in the past and Dorothy was quick to agree. Morgan and EJ both head to New York and EJ meets up with an old pal Taylor-Ann Hasselhoff.

Back in Los Angeles, Jonny confronts Roxy about their lunch after getting texts from Dorothy that everyone was talking behind his back at lunch!
Obviously Roxy and Jonny are both confused...and angry.

Morgan has a successful runway show and her and EJ celebrate with a night out in NYC! Upon her return home, Brendan apologizes for not seeming more excited and he gives her flowers! But little did she realize that while she was out of town Brendan had been doing some....shopping.

We then see Taylor-Ann discussing her invite to the Bahamas from EJ with her sister and she shares her worry about Roxy being in attendance. She reveals that her and Roxy have a rocky past. The episode ends with everyone confronting Dorothy at her birthday party about the alleged "text gate!"

Don't miss a new episode of #RichKids of Beverly Hills next Sunday at 10 pm ET!
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