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Mike Tobin Explains Mistaken Baltimore Shooting Report

"It would be very hard to duplicate a situation that looked more like a guy being shot," Fox News correspondent Mike Tobin said on Monday's "The Five," explaining a mistaken report that a Baltimore Police officer had shot a man after a chase.

"We saw the foot chase...the officer had his weapon drawn. We heard a gunshot, we saw the person being chased on the ground. I arrived at the conclusion that the individual had been shot, as you naturally would in a situation like that."

Fox News corrected the report within minutes, with anchor Shepard Smith apologizing-but also strongly defending Tobin as a journalist who would never report something he believed not to be true.

On "The Five," Tobin said in the same confusing, fast-breaking situation, he'd probably think he'd witnessed a shooting. "I'd be hard pressed not to arrive at the same conclusion."

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