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iHeartMedia Introduces New Original Audio Programs

iHEARTMEDIA has unveiled its new series of original audio programs, which the company says, "will allow marketers to collaborate with a host of celebrities and talent through customized and creative storytelling."

"In the age of visual distraction and shorter attention spans audio has the ability to break through and get heard better than any other advertising. We are seeing increased engagement in audio programming both on air and via podcast, and original audio forces us to get back to the basics of telling stories simply and honestly, which consumers love," said CMO/EVP GAYLE TROBERMAN.

"We believe most marketers are massively under invested in the power of sound and the iHEARTMEDIA SOUNDFRONT is our opportunity to challenge the industry to explore the creative potential of sound to tell and sell better."
The following original programs were previewed at the company and radio industry's first ever "SOUNDFRONT," in front of an audience of hundreds of brands and agencies who are now able to collaborate directly with iHEARTMEDIA to help shape original content:

SKYBOUND RUNDOWN (podcast): From the producers of The Walking Dead TV show and gaming franchise, SKYBOUND RUNDOWN reveals everything consumers need to know about what's new and next in the world of indie gaming.

HEART OF THE BEAT (podcast): Artist and musician JARED LETO will bring sound and storytelling together in this original audio show that allows artists to reveal the method behind their madness.

WHO IS MARTY HIRSCH? (podcast) is the first ever audio mockumentary, building off successes like This Is Spinal Tap and Almost Famous to tell a story of a mythical music icon. The podcast tracks his influence through a host of legendary rock stories -- some fact, some fiction. Partnering with MINDSHARE ENTERTAINMENT.

iHEARTMEDIA in partnership with TRIUM ENTERTAINMENT -- the creator and executive producer of "The Biggest Loser" and the new series "Making a Scene" with JAMES FRANCO -- will introduce:

THE VENT (podcast): According to JAIME PRESSLY, celebrity moms are out of touch. Their advice simply isn't relevant or helpful to real-life moms taking on daily struggles with their kids, their jobs, their bodies, and their partners. So she's starting THE VENT, a new weekly podcast in which she'll be sharing personal anecdotes/advice, alongside a lively discussion among real moms.

GET MIC'D (podcast): GET MIC'D brings the most influential stars from social media to the sound booth in search of the next great iHEARTMEDIA DJ. Famed radio personalities will serve as coaches, mentoring hopefuls and judging whether they think they have what it takes, live on air.

SUMMIT TRACKS (podcast) is a group of entrepreneurs, innovators, and thought leaders who believe that business and collaboration are tools to realize the impossible. SUMMIT TRACKS will follow ideas as they travel through the SUMMIT network from one influencer to another to become a business, cause, campaign, product, work of art or cultural movement.

SCIENCE OF SUCCESS (podcast): People, places and things don't "Pop" on their own. Popularity is a science that can be broken down into years, weeks, days, hours, seconds, beats, clicks and frames. That's exactly what JONAH BERGER, leading Millennial pop culture scientist, is going to do. From the finer points of why a hit single breaks to the reason the Patriots always get to the big game.

IN REAL LIFE (podcast): From the creator of MTV's Catfish, IN REAL LIFE explores love in the confusing, crazy, mixed-up digital age. Catfish host and creator, NEV SCHULMAN, talks to real people looking for real connections in a place where "real" is so easy to fake.

THE ELVIS SESSIONS (video): ELVIS DURAN will dig throughout the day to day gossip and connect with the true passion that drives artists and celebrities. By finding out what these stars are truly passionate about, viewers will see the true and authentic side of their personality and see that their dreams reach far beyond selling a million records.
MY JOURNEY (video): Behind every great artist and every incredible success story is a journey. And no matter how big or successful an artists becomes, their road to the top is paved with years of challenges, setbacks, multiple tests of determination and finally, that big break. My Journey focuses on the lesser told stories of the biggest artists in the world actually got to the top of their game.
URBAN LEGENDS WITH BIG BOY (video): There is one stop-over for every hip-hop great: LA radio host BIG BOY. Combining the best elements of rap, celebrity and comedy, BIG BOY's Guest List is a who's who of the hip hop elite.
ON THE FLY WITH PAUL COSTABILE (video): PAUL COSTABILE is iHEARTRADIO's go-to emerging viral personality, because only he can get artists to let their guard down and improvise in truly entertaining and surprising ways. Whether it's CHRIS MARTIN singing emotionally to an old shoe, trading Secret Santa gifts with SAM SMITH and RITA ORA, ED SHEERAN doing a freestyle rap on the fly, you never know what you'll get when an artist goes ON THE FLY WITH PAUL COSTABILE.
THE SOUNDFRONT included special performances from breakout artists GEORGE EZRA and ELLA HENDERSON. In addition, SNAPCHAT CEO EVAN SPIEGEL was on hand at THE SOUNDFRONT to talk about expanding the relationship between

iHEARTMEDIA and SNAPCHAT -- and how iHEARTMEDIA is positioned to use the power of sound to drive social results. The two companies are expected to announce details of their expanded partnership later this year.

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