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Giveaway Synthtopia + Ableton Making Music Book

Making Music. 74 Creative Strategies for Electronic Music Producers. A book by Dennis DeSantis with a collection of solutions to common roadblocks in the creative process, with a specific emphasis on solving musical problems, making progress, and (most importantly) finishing what you start.

Electronic musicians used to be able to hide behind clunky, emerging technology as an excuse for inaction. But musicians today live in a golden age of tools and technology. A ninety-nine-cent smartphone app can give you the functionality of a million-dollar recording studio. A new song can be shared with the world as soon as it's finished. Tutorials for every sound design or music production technique can be found through a Google search. All of these developments have served to level the playing field for musicians, making it possible for a bedroom producer to create music at a level that used to be possible only for major-label artists.

But despite all of this, making music is still hard. Why?

Making Music was written both to answer this question and to offer ways to make it easier. It presents a systematic, concrete set of patterns that you can use when making music in order to move forward.

The contest ends May 24, 2015. The contest is open to all readers. We will contact the winner via email after the contest ends.

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Giveaway Synthtopia + Ableton Making Music Book Giveaway Synthtopia + Ableton Making Music Book Reviewed by Crisher Entertainment on May 23, 2015 Rating: 5

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