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Casiotone MT-65, a classic 80's Casio mini-synth

The MT-65 used sound-generation chips that were shared by other Casiotones, but it was one of the few that had the physical controls to take full advantage of the chips capabilities.

The early years from 1980 to 1983 was Casio's time of innovations and experimentation, where Casio made its first experiences creating musical instruments. Mainly because of their lack of experience, some of their designs are just plain stupid but at the same time, it is this exact lack of experience that led to some of the most wonderful keyboards during its early years, with great, weird, flexible, easy-to-use features that were never seen before and after, as nobody who knows anything about it would even think of features like Harmony Arrangers. All of the keyboards of this time are just great fun to play with and are worth owning; some of them (especially the VL-1, the PT-30, and the MT-65) belong to the greatest home keyboards ever.
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