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Transformers stars Tyrese Gibson and Megan Fox Confess

As 'Transformers 3' gets ready to destroy the box office, you can't help but wonder what Megan Fox must be feeling. It was just revealed that Steven Spielberg fired the actress from the monster franchise after calling the director, Michael Bay, Hitler-like. One of the film's stars, Tyrese Gibson, tells me he missed having her on the set and that he feels bad that she's having a particularly bad week in the press. "Of course I miss Megan," Tyrese told me this week in NYC. "Megan is a sweet girl. I've never had an issue with her. It's always been good. I know people are talking a lot of mess about her, but I just hope she has a strong stomach. "The former model adds, "Having a franchise that she's been a part of from the beginning, and not being able to have her on board is probably the most difficult. Sometimes things don't work out, but I wish her well. In business, her career, her personal life. She's a sweet girl. "So, just how difficult is it working for a director like Michael Bay? Tyrese doesn't hold back in painting Bay as an "aggressive" guy to work under and admits that he's had a few verbal run-ins with his boss . . but nothing too serious. "He's very aggressive with himself. Very demanding of himself. He has very high expectations of not just the cast, but the crew," he said. "He's cursed me out a few times. I cursed him out back. I don't really curse people out in person. I tend to do it through email. He curses me out in person. "And after a disappointing 'Transformers 2,' Tyrese says even without Megan in the mix, this installment is not to be missed. "It's the best 'Transformers' in the series, hands down. The scope, magnitude, focus, adrenaline. All across the board. Michael Bay and the team, we really hit it out of the park this time, and we did it just for you. "Tyrese said they knew part deux wasn't up to snuff and made adjustments so that wouldn't happen again. "We heard all of the fans crying out that they felt they got taken advantage of with Transformers 2," he said. "We came in to T3 focused, and we delivered the best movie we've done so far. "Critics seem to agree already, with the Hollywood Reporter, USA Today and Christian Science Monitor giving it positive-ish reviews. Salon even dubbed it "An American summer-movie masterwork. "But it's not just 'Transformers' that has been keeping Tyrese busy. He has a book out 'How to Get Out of Your Own Way' - PopEater Interview - and is getting ready to release his new album, 'Open Invitation' this November. '"I'm actually an AOL user by the way. I'm not going to give you my email, but I'm on there," Tyrese tells me. Smart guy!Ã

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