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Octomom Death Threats Get to You After a While

Octomom, Nadya Suleman. has finally got the message, 14 kids are enough saying she would rather be 'hung and crucified than have more kids'.

"So many death threats get to you after a certain amount of time," Nadya said in Chicago. "It is serious. My laugh is actually an anxiety laugh. It's triggered panic attacks. So since last summer, I swallowed emotions for many years and I would just tell myself that they are not talking about me and I would just not think about it. Because it's not a person - it's a parody. A person turned into a parody." Nadya has received threatening letter that don't even have her address on them simply address to 'Octomom.'

"For a while there, I regretted it. But I cannot waste an ounce of energy because I need all of my energy and being lucid in my mind and body for my kids. Plus, what am I teaching them by living in self-pity? I knew I was strong and I knew I could deal with six children, maybe one more! Not more than double." Now Nadya says she's determined to use the Octomom character that she believes the media has created to make money to support her family. Doing celebrity boxing matches and even appearing on the new dating show, 'Celebridate,' on HDNet. For the complete interview with Nadya, tune into 'Naughty But Nice' exclusively on HDNet at 1 p. m. and 7 p. m. on Saturday. Source link
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