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Karlie Kloss Tries on Her Wings for Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret Angel Karlie Kloss gave InStyle an invite to her private fitting at the VS studios, where famed wing designer Serkan Cura was hard at work finalizing all of the intricate details of her look for the sexiest runway show of the year.

"I was inspired by dragon flies,"the designer tells InStyle of the corset and wings, which were perfectly fitted to Kloss's body. "Many of the great couture collections have used butterflies, but I saw an image of a dragonfly and decided to interpret their wings. "And we were there to capture every moment from the fitting. The attention to detail is exquisite. It's pretty amazing because we're still a month out from the show and everybody's in overdrive sort of pulling this together because it's like a couture show but in front of millions of people.

But it's pretty amazing. This one I love. It actually is part of the dream girls section, and I think I'm closing the section so it's always a bit of an extra honor, a bit of an extra sort of special thing to sort of open or close a section. And the music is also going to be really good in this section. It's a secret, shhh!What its like 24 hours leading up to the show?The energy is pretty unreal. It's this day that you've been preparing for all year; millions of dollars of preparations, hundreds of people all year preparing for this one day, and you really just want to do what you can to not mess it up and to do your best! The night before we have a dress rehearsal and the day of, it's all day, hair and makeup and interviews. By the time the show actually rolls around I'm kind of exhausted and it hasn't even started. It's a really special day when it finally all comes together in that moment when the show actually happens. What's the first thing you do after the show ends? We go devour pizza at the after party. That's what I do, anyways! Because I push myself to sort of just try and feel as strong and as confident as I can out on the runway, so I generally am working out even more than usual and my appetite is even more than usual. How do you get into shape for the show?I do a bit of everything.

I like to do pilates, and strength training with ankle weights or with bands, but I also like to sort of do the Soul Cycle or cardio just even a run, anything I can do just to kind of keep it moving. Especially I travel so much, even between now and the show time I'll be traveling a bit for other work so it's important to sort of take care of myself and make sure I feel good when I hit that runway. Any workouts you don't like?

I'm pretty adventurous and open-minded when it comes to things. When I first started spinning I detested it. I couldn't breathe, I was frustrated because the old lady next to me was like doing better than me. But it actually made me want to like keep going and get better. So there's nothing I don't' really like except a long run. A long run is not my friend!Watch the 2014 Victoria's Secret fashion show Dec. 9, at 10 p. m. ET. on CBS.
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