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iCarly favorites join Sam & Cat special episode

Kids' Choice Awards airing Saturday night wasn't enough good TV for one night, Nickelodeon is also airing a special hour-long episode of Sam & Cat before the awards show. In the episode, iCarly regulars show up - but it's not a happy reunion for everyone. Nora (Danielle Morrow), the "#SuperPsycho"referred to in the episode's title, plots revenge on Sam (Jennette McCurdy), as Nevel (Reed Alexander) tries to help Sam and Cat (Ariana Grande) escape her wrath. "It's just a really fun, big episode where we brought back some of the fans' favorite characters from the past to join Sam and Cat,"showrunner Dan Schneider tells EW. "I think the audience will go nuts over it. "Check out a clip from the episode below, and parents - recognize the man in the clip? That's Anthony Heald from The Silence of the Lambs, which the episode is loosely based off of - but don't worry, Schneider assures us it's "very much toned down. "Phew. Sam & Cat will air Saturday at 7 p. m. ET on Nickelodeon. Source link
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