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Franco and Rogen Take on Naked and Afraid

James Franco and Seth Rogen are taking on Naked and Afraid! To promote their upcoming comedy flick The Interview, the co-stars and celeb BFFs stripped down for an appearance on the Discovery Channel reality show (their privates are pixelated, just so you know). In a funny preview clip from their upcoming Naked and Afraid episode (which airs Dec. 7), Franco and Rogen meet in the wilderness, although they were both expecting to find someone else. "What are you doing here?" a disappointed Rogen asks. "You're supposed to be a hot Australian, like, survivalist," Franco replies. VIDEO: Kim poses completely naked!
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"Do you know anything about surviving out here?" Rogen asks, to which Franco responds, "I'm glad it's you brother." The actors then share a naked hug. In a confessional, Franco admits, "Honestly, I was a little surprised." Rogen adds, "I was hoping I'd be teamed up with a woman, but I guess Franco is the next best thing. He's pretty much hairless. Take your glasses off, he's pretty much a woman. "The friends then survey and examine each others' naked bodies. "Man, you really shaved everything, huh?" Rogen asks Franco. "Yeah, well, I guess you didn't," Franco replies. James Franco, Seth Rogen, Instagram"Let's just get all the looking out of the way," Rogen says as the two dance and flap their penises around. LOL! Last month, Franco and Rogen teased their Naked and Afraid appearance with some Instagram pics. "See if me and seth can make it, NAKED and AFRAID!!!!" wrote James. "Wtf?! You'll see... ... . ." He added, "Boom, boom NAKED and Afraid. Me and Seth, in the bush, naked, together. For Reals. "Source link

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