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Blake Lively wont find out the sex of the baby

Blake Lively stepped out on Tuesday wearing "a $1,350 black and red Pendleton wool trench cloak with large bell sleeves by Lindsey Thornburg." Go here to see the photos. Blake sells the coat on Preserve, obviously, because everything about Blake these days is a shill. But what I found really interesting about those photos is how exclusive they are-Us Weekly, The Daily Mail and a small handful of other sites bought the photos, and NOT from a photo agency. It's the weirdest thing. It's like Blake pap'd herself but she got a friend to take the photos and she posed in the street, pretending not to see the camera. It's like a next-level pap stroll where Blake controlled every part of the photo-op. She's probably getting paid on both sides too-she gets a cut of the exclusive sales of the photos, plus people are being directed to Preserve to buy the same coat. As for Blake's pregnancy, we're at the point where tabloids are guessing about the sex of the baby. Us Weekly's sources claim that Blake and Ryan don't even want to know:Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are keeping an element of surprise in their relationship - the expectant couple have decided to not find out the gender of their baby-to-be, a source tells Us Weekly. "Blake and Ryan aren't finding out what they're having,"the insider tells Us. "They want to be surprised!"While chatting with Us Weekly at an event on Oct. 16, Lively gushed that Reynolds, 38, couldn't be a better husband to expect a baby with. "He's always good to me,"Lively told Us. "That's like a jerky thing to say because you want to be able to complain about your husband and be that person, but he takes pretty good care of me. "And she's taken care of herself while expecting as well, the insider adds. "She is super relaxed and mellow,"the source said of the expecting star. But! In Touch Weekly's sources claim that Blake is definitely having a girl. A source says: "She's having a girl and is very excited about it. Friends have even started buying her little girl's clothing." Blake has been outspoken about wanting daughters in the past, but you know what? I'm probably wrong, but my gossip gut is saying she's carrying a boy. I don't know why I think that, it's just a feeling. One thing I don't believe is that Blake and Ryan don't want to know the sex. To my way of thinking, finding out the sex is just a practicality: you want to be able to buy baby clothes and decorate the nursery in a somewhat gender-specific way. Source link

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