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Amal Clooney took her husband to the Savoy for lunch

Have you missed Amal Clooney in the midst of the Cumbercrazy this week? I have! I miss Amal Clooney so much whenever she's not around. I imagine her standing over my shoulder, tossing her blowout over my work. Well, we're in luck! People Magazine has a story about what George and Amal Clooney have been up to this week, thank God. So, what's Amal up to? Just having a late lunch at the Savoy with her husband, and scheduling a new case!

They both have crazy-busy work schedules, but newlyweds George and Amal Clooney are still making time for romance. The newlyweds enjoyed a date at London's Savoy hotel Wednesday afternoon, leaving fellow diners starstruck at their surprise arrival. "I think I was in a parallel universe!"says an onlooker, who was dining with her 80-year-old father at the time. "They just walked through the lobby and disappeared into another bar. "Another diner at the 125-year-old London landmark added on Twitter: "Tea at the Savoy, first a Downton Abbey actor walks in, then Stephen Fry topped off by George Clooney & new wife"But Amal Clooney, 36, has plenty on her plate besides tea and cakes.

The human-rights lawyer has taken on the case of Egyptian-Canadian journalist Mohamed Fahmy, who has been incarcerated in Egypt since December for what Amal describes as "simply reporting the news. "In a statement released through her law firm Doughty Street Chambers in London, Clooney claims the Al Jazeera reporter's trial was "fundamentally unfair"and that his imprisonment is "a travesty of justice." Worse, she says his 7-year prison sentence has become "a great danger to his health"- partly because Fahmy suffers from the liver disease hepatitis C and cannot obtain the specialist treatment he requires from behind bars. "He has also suffered a permanent disability in his right shoulder due to an injury exacerbated during his detention,"Clooney adds. "He will require a series of complicated correctional bone surgeries that also require extensive recovery and support not readily available in prison. "Clooney and her colleague Mark Wassouf are waiting to hear if Fahmy will be released on compassionate grounds so that he can receive the treatment he needs. His appeal is scheduled for Jan. 1.

Meanwhile, George Clooney, 53, is prepping for two upcoming movies-Money Monster, about a financial guru held hostage, and Hail Caesar!, the Coen brothers' next comedy (plus he's producing Sandra Bullock's film Our Brand Is Crisis)-so it'll be a very busy holiday season for the couple.

Taking on a case of a journalist imprisoned because of a lack of free press? Well well' it looks like Amal is aiming to be interviewed by Jon Stewart on The Daily Show (SHE SHOULD TOTALLY DO THAT). It's good that she's aligning herself with this kind of case-journalists around the world are becoming targets of death threats and imprisonment more frequently. More journalists are being killed in war/conflict zones every year as well. Sidenote: my mom actually said this to me: "We've had a rough couple of months, haven't we?Source link

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