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Raves Reviews for Scandal & How to Get Away With Murder

<h2>We used to think TV on Thursday nights was solid, and then CBS went ahead and brought back their full Thursday line-up, and now we are literally drowning in television. </h2>If we have to go, that's the only way we'd choose, so we're kind of ok with it. Join us for our Thursday night Rants and Raves!

RAVE: Scandal: Damn that opening scene! That was one hell of a dream in which Olivia seemed to be in bed with an alternating Jake and Fitz in between her legs. If only her dad/Abby hadn't shown up to snap her out of it

RANT: Scandal: Some of us here may be Fitz fans, but then there are those of us who side with Jake, and who are mad at where this show is headed. Basically, Jake gave Olivia up. He told her he knew she wouldn't choose him. And then, as Olivia was asking Fitz not to just give Jake over to Rowan, he wanted to know if there was hope for them, essentially giving her no choice but to say yes in order to keep Jake alive.

RAVE: Scandal: Three cheers for Bitsy Cooper, a badass former first lady, who is hopefully Mellie's new best friend. Mellie deserves to have as many amazing best friends as possible.

RANT?: Scandal: Shonda Rhimes tweeted: "Olivia's final words might be her most controversial ever..." Olivia's final words were: "You may be Command, Dad, but I have weapons at my disposal. Weapons that you can't possibly possess." Discuss!

RAVE: How to Get Away With Murder: Badass courtroom smackdowns are high on our list of "favorite TV things" and tonight we got another great one, with Annalise projecting over fifty objections to accuse a senator of ordering a murder. It. Was. Awesome. As was basically everything that happened tonight.

RAVE: How to Get Away with Murder: Does Annalise know her husband is dead? We couldn't quite tell at the end there if she was actually looking at that spot on the floor where his body had previously lain or at her missing rug, but she definitely does not know that her students have taken the body. She also clearly has no idea that Asher and Bonnie are sleeping together. Also: Way to be a hypocrite, Bonnie!

RANT/RAVE: How to Get Away with Murder: Nate is barely a step behind Annalise at every turn. He knows that she planted the cellphone in Lilah's boyfriend's car, while Annalise is changing the wallpaper in her house to protect Sam. Who are we rooting for on this show? We genuinely can't decide, and it is riveting.

RAVE: The Vampire Diaries: He's aliiiiive! Thanks to some magical juju from Bonnie and the ascendant. Damon is alive and well and finally out of his 1994 hell. Luckily, Stefan was right there to greet him when he reappeared, and it was the absolute sweetest of brotherly reunions-seriously, we were nearly crying. However, we're definitely not looking forward to Damon realizing that Elena no longer remembers she loves him, or to the Damon-free Elena learning that Bonnie did not make it back. We predict many more tears.

RAVE: The Vampire Diaries: Uh, so what's up with Alaric's new lady doctor friend, Jo? Why can't he compel her? Has she been bathing in Vervain? And why would he want her to quit falling for him anyway? We just want Alaric to be happy!

RAVE: Elementary: While we miss the old dynamic between Joan and Sherlock, we continue to love the relationship between Sherlock and Joan, even if they're not quite working together at the moment. We also love that Joan is a successful PI all on her own! We also just love Lucy Liu. We also love that this show is back. That is all.

RAVE: Parenthood: Crosby and Jasmine threw Jabbar an awesome Harry Potter surprise party and we are very jealous of this fictional child. Also: When did Amber become such a responsible adult? Source link

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