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Miley Cyrus Is Back With Liam Hemsworth

There had been a lot of speculation on who Miley Cyrus is dating ever since she mentioned in an interview that she was no longer single. And on the top of the list of possible boyfriends was her ex Liam Hemsworth, who Cyrus first met on the set of the movie 'The Last Song'. The couple were together for over a year until they called it quits in August last year. Now, a source close to Cyrus has told that the 'Hannah Montana' actress is indeed back with Hemsworth and her parents calling off their divorce played a huge part in the couple getting together. The source is quoted saying, "Miley is so thrilled at her parents reconciling, and it made her stop and think, and realize that Liam is someone special in her life. Their feelings for each other never stopped, and now that their schedules are better suited for each other, they have been able to work it out. "The person also added, "Plus her parents trust Liam. "When asked if Cyrus and Hemsworth were really back together or if they were just close friends, the person replied, "They started talking more at the same time Miley's parents were mending things. They started getting back together around Valentine's Day and are now back on as boyfriend and girlfriend. "Things seem to be going well for Cyrus who recently got back on the social networking site Twitter after she closed her account in 2009 claiming it interfered too much with her private life. But with all the good news comes the bad. An inflatable Miley Cyrus sex doll named "Finally Mylie" from Pipedream Products has reportedly become such a hot ticket item that stores can't meet the demand. Source link
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