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Flash/Arrow Felicity Smoak Is the Most Perfect Human

It's The Flash/Arrow crossover day! Felicity Smoak stopped over in Central City to hang out with Barry Allen and the STAR labs crew, and it was beyond wonderful. In fact, most things were beyond wonderful tonight. We've got very little to rant about, in fact, so join us for another installment of Rants and (Mostly) Raves!RANT: The Flash: Darn it, you guys, we had just started to forget about Olicity as we switched to the Baricity/Felarry/Smoaken Ship only to have it go down in mutually-decided-upon flames when Barry and Felicity realized they were just two people in love with other people. Oh well. Back to Olicity!RAVE: The Flash: If we weren't invested in this show already, we absolutely are now. Not only did we finally get a recurring big bad in Wentworth Miller's Captain Cold, we also got a ton of Felicity just bein' Felicity, and Felicity's natural humor matches the tone of this show perfectly. RAVE: The Flash: "I want to see it, and by it, I mean your speed, in case you thought I was talking about something else, which I wasn't." "And I'm talking to air now. Which is odd. And I'm still doing it." See what we meant about Felicity bein' Felicity? Never change, Ms. Smoak. RANT: The Flash: We can't help but feel like Felicity's little slip-up in mentioning Oliver and the Arrow in the same sentence might have some serious ramifications later on, especially since we don't trust Harrison Wells one bit. RANT: Sons of Anarchy: Poor Bobby! Jax tried to negotiate so poor Mr. Munson lost a finger. The Sons hadn't actually opened the box by the end of the episode, but we hope the finger was also delivered in a Tupperware container. RAVE: Sons of Anarchy: We felt like Abel was so. close. to revealing Gemma's big murderous secret tonight, as she questioned him about having hit another kid. He claimed it was an accident, and she asked him if he knew what "accident" meant. He responded: "Do you?" Was it really a realistic kid's response? No, but it was a damn good moment of TV. RAVE: Sons of Anarchy: And if Abel doesn't do it, maybe Juice will, since he seems to be making a deal with the feds. He also smushed a cockroach in his fingers in tonight's episode. It was gross. RAVE: The Voice: Last night we were all about Taylor Swift being everybody's adviser all the time for everything, but now we're not so sure, after advice like: "You should feel like you're carrying around a duffel bag with a heat-seeking missile in it, like you're going to hit the target." Maybe she really is a nightmare dressed like a daydream. RAVE: Agents of SHIELD: Can we keep Adrianne Palicki as Bobbi Morse forever and always please? She's beyond perfect. RAVE: Agents of SHIELD: We continue to be impressed by Skye's transformation into a badass agent. We are mildly worried now, however, since Ward has now escaped and is no longer confined to that nifty little jail cell. RAVE: Supernatural: The boys really are back! That was a good old fashioned Supernatural episode, save for all the dealing-with-the-demon-thing Sam and Dead did in between hanging out with werewolves. RAVE: Benched: Eliza Coupe is back! Now we've got Jane, Penny (Marry Me), Max (The Mindy Project), and Brad (New Girl) all on our Tuesday night TV screens (when sports aren't happening). Now if Zachary Knighton's and Elisha Cuthbert's new shows (Weird Loners & One Big Happy) can also air on Tuesdays, it will ALMOST be just like Happy Endings got un-canceled. Almost. Kind of. Source link

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