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Capitol Promo Shows their stuff for Eden XO

The history of Pop Radio promotion is filled with instances of record label promo peeps who aren't afraid to don costumes, take pictures with wild animals, or demonstrate their dance floor finesse, when it comes to promoting an artist's latest radio release. The new release from CAPITOL MUSIC GROUP's latest signing, EDEN XO's "Too Cool To Dance" (impacting Pop next week) is an infectious and hooky as hell.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAuY9TWichM&w=720&h=405]

So infectious, in fact, the label's promo staff couldn't resist gettin' their groove on - while the music played and the cameras filmed the fun - an idea suggested by CAPITOL SVP DENNIS REESE's executive assistant JOHN KOZAK. The clip features some special shimmying, shaking, bumping, grinding and yes even twerking from several members of the team including REESE, MEGAN YOUNGBLOOD, BRIEN TERRANOVA and JOE RAINEY, whose show-stealing performance was indeed best saved for last. Source link

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