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Big Apple Airchecks To Honor Dale Dorman

MATT SEINBERG of BIG APPLE AIRCHECKS, with the help of former WRKO PD HARRY NELSON are planning an aircheck tribute to BOSTON Radio Icon DALE DORMAN, who passed away last week (NET NEWS 10/27). In addition to airchecks, they are looking for anyone who worked with "UNCLE DALE"to record a memory of him for inclusion in the tribute.


The economic crisis has hit us all...way to many people are out of work, and finding a new radio gig is harder than ever, especially if you no longer have access to recording or editing facilities. Well, Big Apple Airchecks can help!

So the big question is...How much is this going to cost? How about $20 to edit and produce a killer demo, and $40 if it needs to be converted from reel or cassette? That's it!! If you can send an mp3 or .wav file to me, that's how you'll get it back. Let me know when you need it, and that's when you'll have it, if not sooner! I use Adobe Audition 3.0 and have two cassette decks, a Sony Mini Disc deck, Akai 7" Reel, and Otari 10" Reel all going through a Behringer mixing board. Your satisfaction and quality is guaranteed!

If you need a full blown aircheck demo, we can do that too! Prices start at $100 with you providing the voice tracks and any other elements you want included. We'll do the rest with the magic of digital editing!

I accept Paypal as well as Postal Money Orders so contact me today for your immediate demo needs!

Email: matt at bigappleairchecks.com

Friends and family are also encouraged to participate. Please contact MATT SEINBERG by email at matt@bigappleairchecks.com. Source link

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