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Ashley Greene Manager Says Crack Pipe Found

Ashley Greene's apartment that burned to a crisp last year had one remnant... a crack pipe, according to a sworn statement by the building manager.  TMZ broke the story... Ashley, her boyfriend and her brother were all sleeping in the unit when a fire broke out after a burning candle ignited some nearby fabric. All 3 fled, but one of her dogs died. The fire did extensive damage to a number of units and a number of tenants/owners are suing the "Twilight" star.  The manager, Adrian Mayorga, is also suing, claiming he suffered permanent respiratory damage. According to his sworn deposition - obtained by TMZ - Mayorga says one of the men who cleared out the unit after the fire told him he found a glass crack pipe. Mayorga said, he was the first person in the hallway after the blaze broke out and says he saw Ashley and the others "disoriented... they looked like they were drunk or under the influence of something. "Mayorga also says in the depo... "The only people I saw getting treated was Ashley Greene, her brother Joe Green, and her - the current boyfriend, Ryan Phillippe. "Sources connected to the case tell TMZ... Phillippe submitted a sworn declaration to Greene's lawyer this week, saying not only was he not in the apartment the night of the fire... he has never been in her unit at that building. We contacted Greene's people but did not get a response. Source link
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