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Bernie Maier has released Fifth Degree MIDI Sequencer

Developer Bernie Maier has released Fifth Degree MIDI Sequencer, a free iPad MIDI Sequencer for looping, jamming and mostly post-processing.

Fifth Degree aims to be a simple but playable source of MIDI notes for looping, jamming and experimenting, but especially post-processing. According to the developer, I"ts underlying philosophy is that from a few simple elements complexity can arise. Flexibility is great and has its place, but sometimes it can be liberating to work to a set of constraints. The main constraint in Fifth Degree is that it sends out a fixed sequence of MIDI notes, stepping through the circle of fifths in the key and mode / scale you choose. "Features:Lean user interface that gathers the essential performance controls on the main screen. Fixed sequence of notes (ascending circle of fifths). Clearly displays the notes in the key and scale you select. Outputs to CoreMIDI output ports (virtual, network and physical). Keeps sending MIDI while in the background. Can send MIDI notes and MIDI clock, so other apps can choose to synchronise. Fifth Degree is a MIDI sequencer app supporting any CoreMIDI output: virtual MIDI, MIDI over Wi-Fi and CoreMIDI compatible hardware interfaces. Since it is a sequencer it does not generate sounds on its own, so use it with your favourite CoreMIDI-compatible sound generation app or hardware. Fifth Degree was developed for the 2014 KVR Developer Challenge. It is powered by the MidiBus library from Audeonic. It is a free download from the App Store. If you give Fifth Degree a try, let us know what you think of it!Source link

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