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Solid State Logic Free Offline Setup Software

Just announced today that Solid State Logic Free Offline Setup Software for the SSL Live console is now available for free download.

The SSL OffLine Setup Application, or SOLSA, allows creation and editing of Live console Showfiles on a laptop or desktop PC. SOLSA developers assert that "lmost anything" that can be done on a Live console can now be manipulated and configured 'offline' when access to a console is not possible. SOLSA is intended to enable engineers to configure Showfiles in preparation for shows but it is a simple way for anyone to explore and learn about the SSL Live console. Software functionality includes console architecture configuration and setup of Fader Tile Layers and Banks. Stageboxes and I/O routing can be assigned along with the creation of scenes and other automation editing. SOLSA also allows the user to add effects, manipulate channel processing settings, bus routing and VCA assignments. SOLSA includes the same Help System as the Live console software, offering a built-in user guide with tutorials and reference sections. Pricing and Availability. Solid State Logic's Offline Setup Application software is available now and is free for download from the Solid State Logic website. Source link
Solid State Logic Free Offline Setup Software Solid State Logic Free Offline Setup Software Reviewed by Crisher Entertainment on July 15, 2014 Rating: 5

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