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Increased Customization of Personal Messages

To convert searchers into buyers both on mobile and in store, marketers must present personalized offers and buzz through cell phones and tablets in interesting and honest ways.


Location-Based Marketing is one of our newest 2014 superstars for customer / fan targeting based on physical location to stores, restaurants and events. Using relevant products and location based offers we can change the price or add a one time special deal in real time for almost any type of product or project all based on GPS location and relevance.


Crisher Entertainment knows more is not always better when it comes to social media and narrowcasting gives us the ability to target fewer but significantly more qualified individuals.

Rich Media Messaging / Multimedia Service

Messages and shout outs will always adapt to the specific type of device receiving it to guarantee that your mobile promotion fits the screen and opens with ease.


CE believes in the three-second video and with the right one the sky is the limit!

Gamification of Mobile Ads

People are competitive naturally and enjoy "acquiring points or badges, unlocking content and competing with others for a deal. Mobile Ad Games is a big one and always delivers high returns when done the right way.

Talent Publicity and Management services with Crisher Entertainment can range in cost between $500 to $2,500 per month. More notable talents receive a different, more in-depth PR package and the price is $1,500 to $5,000 per month. Call 323-839-1289 to discuss a plan for your career today.

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