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Free Univox Bass named Lucy for Ableton Live

AfroDJMac has released a free Ableton Live instrument, made by sampling an old Univox bass named Lucy from the 70's that belongs to SuperKid.

The AfroDJMac Univox Bass Ableton Live Pack was recorded coming through a guitar amp, a bass amp, and a room mic picking up both amps. You can mix between the two. Controls on the Device rack allow you to morph the bass into something totally new. Here's what AfroDJMac has to say about the free virtual instrument:I've had a lot of experience recording this bass, and I'm often torn on how to best record it. Running it through a bass amp is usually my first choice, but I also really like how it sounds coming out of my guitar amp. So what I did while sampling was run the bass through an SWR bass amp and my Fender Deluxe tube guitar amp. Also, I put up an AKG C414 mic in the room to capture both amps simultaneously. On the Ableton device, you can mix the three signals together to meet your taste. When you pluck a string on a bass, it will always sound slightly different. So to emulate that, I recorded 3 different samples of each note that I recorded. I set the LFO in Sampler to play any of these three samples at random. That means that any melody you play will always sound slightly different. Even a MIDI clip will never loop in exactly the same way with the same samples. You will always get a bit of subtle variation, just as you would with a real bass player.


So that is it, get the Univox Bass Lucy Free Ableton Live Pack 107, just enter "0" in the price field to make the credit card stuff go away. Hope you enjoy it; and please send along any tracks you make with it here. Source link

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