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Ultimate Ableton Live Controller Conductr

Patchworks has released a new version of Ultimate Ableton Live Controller Conductr app for the iPad. Conductr 1. 1 is now a free download.

Additional features that can be unlocked via in-app purchases. Here's what the developers have to say about Conductr:Conductr is not about having everything in Ableton Live on your iPad, but about offering a user experience that makes sense on an iPad. We do not want to replicate hardware on a touchscreen; we want to get maximum advantage of multitouch technology to give musicians the kind of resources that they can't get from a hardware controller. From an ergonomic interface that adapts to any momentary need 'in other words: you only see what you need at any given time' to a gestural mode that allows the user to play without watching the iPad and a modular basis that will permit the app to grow through the addition of complementary modules. Conductr 1. 1 is now a free download, which will allow you to control 4 tracks and 11 scenes on any Ableton Live set. You can also create 2 user modules, each one can integrate up to 8 parameters from any device on any track of your set. You can make in-app purchases for different premium modules and packs to get unlimited features and personalize Conductr based on your needs. This update also includes a Sends Mode in the Mixer Module, a Mute Hiding button and the possibility to save your projects' complete set-ups ' features early adopters requested. All early Conductr users will still have the full pack without any additional expense. "We do not want to replicate hardware on a touchscreen," Conductr CEO JuliÃÆ'

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