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Have a successful event using an Event Marketing Template

The development of an effective event marketing template is essential for the delivery of a successful event. The key is to match your event concept (the theme, program, etc) with the appropriate audience (those who will attend or participate in your event). In order to do that, you must have a strong idea of what the event actually offers and to whom. You also need to have an effective plan of action and the necessary resources to implement it.

This post will give a loose draft to create an event marketing template and PR plan. It is not an full list of elements for inclusion within an event marketing template; rather it is to be used as a guide, a framework around which event organisers can create their own plan. The elements contained within it are not mandatory for inclusion, but it is recommended that all marketing/PR plans being submitted in conjunction with National Program Applications contain the following:

* Summary of event
* Vision/Mission
* Target markets
* Objectives and Key Performance Indicators
* Key strategies and initiatives

Marketing and PR Budgetary information

1. Marketing objectives
* Overview
* Positioning - where are we now?
* SWOT Analysis- target market, market size, competitors.

2. Communication Strategy
* Marketing mix
* Product
* Price
* Place
* Promotion
* Marketing Tools

3. Key Strategies
* Key Strategies and Initiatives

4. Budget Plan

5. Appendices

1. Marketing Objectives
Here you should concisely state where the event is, where it would like to go and how it intends to get there.

This is a marketing term used to describe the way in which you present what you are offering to the public. It involves communicating the Ã

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