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Clint Crisher & Painted Sun - Perfect World

Clint Crisher & Painted Sun is an Alternative rock band, sometimes referred to as "Painted Sun". Their style, which is rooted in blues-based hard rock, has come to also incorporate elements of pop, heavy metal, rhythm and blues, and garage punk rock. The band was formed in Fernandina Beach, Florida in 1993. Drummer Robert Jewell and bassist Robert Campbell, originally in a band together, worked part-time with singer Clint Crisher and asked him to consider singing with them in their garage on the Island. Guitarist Dave Medure joined them, and formed Painted Sun. In late 1993, the band began developing a following in Jacksonville.

Lead Singer and songwriter for the group Painted Sun helped Clint build his confidence to perform his original material every weekend for about two years all over Florida, including the Palace Saloon, which is the oldest and most famous bar in Florida. By the end of the 1994, they were among the most popular alternative rock bands in Florida and developed a loyal following of fans, often referred to as the "Suns." However, an internal conflict took their toll on the band, which resulted in the departures of Clint Crisher, in 1995.

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