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Peter Tanico - I am Human Featuring Parralox

Crisher Entertainment is proud to release GETTING 2 KNOW TANICO, the debut dance remix album by Superstar DJ-Producer-Remixer, PETER TANICO! Many years in preparation, this masterful collection is a milestone accomplishment, one we all can celebrate! Delivering flawless beats and a positive vibe, PETER TANICO is bound and determined to get your body moving and your spirit grooving!

PETERs musical resume is long, but his recent collaborations have been with CLINT CRISHER, a musical marriage that began when PETER won the Foreplay Remix Contest in February 2009. Everyone was more than impressed by his remix and after remixing a few more of CLINTs songs, it was clear that the two were a music dream team. Clint agreed to produce PETERs debut album, GETTING 2 KNOW TANICO since it was way over due and his talent is ingenious while also carrying an impeccable worth ethic and low-key humility.

Our dance music heroe Peter Tanico brings you, Getting 2 Know Tanico, with some of his biggest remix contest winners like, Easy Ridin and Psychedelic Music featuring Sweet 17, 2 Minus 1 featuring Heaton and Yours featuring Cling. He also included two remixes from Brian Barrow. Run Baby Run was remixes again for Clint Crisher and included with a song called Will I Ever Fall in Love featuring Francisco Feliciano. You will also enjoy Meant to Be by the Cassette Kids and two tracks featuring Parralox. Show Da DJ Some Luv by Kynt is very special while the the album ends with the hot remix of Panther featuring Dj Barletta. This remix album is a true classic with hot material that has been transformed into an all singing all dancing, colour splashed rave paradise! Peter Tanico is known the world over for his anthemic, stadium filling dance sounds, brooding vocals and epic breakdowns, so to listen to this album is a sweet treat.

On a mashed up electro, house, tech and just about anything else tip, Peter Tanico is your man: He stormed the scene this year including a breathtaking remix of Riding Home from Baltimore by Darrell Russ which has impressed everyone who has heard it, and is currently a Hot Dance Billboard Breakout contender! Peter Tanico isnt afraid to mix up the styles in order to get a party going, and keep it going. His own pumped up productions have transformed with the usual attention to detail. Its time you get to know Peter Tanico and get lost in his mind bending beats and red-hot vocals!
Peter Tanico - I am Human Featuring Parralox Peter Tanico - I am Human Featuring Parralox Reviewed by Crisher Entertainment on March 27, 2014 Rating: 5

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