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SXSW 2014 Announces Music Conference Sessions

[vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"][vc_column_text][templatera id="4031"][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column_text]The current count of accepted music conference sessions for SXSW 2014 is over 120 with more news on the way. It's a pretty interesting mix that reflects an industry undergoing great change with some established practices adapting well, new approaches emerging and making money the order of the day. Here's the complete list to date. Given that many of these are panels, the presenters alone could gather for a rich music conference.

SXSW has a dedicated page for their SXSW Music Conference Sessions. Note that the descriptive text stating that there are 85 sessions was taken from their first announcement and hasn't been updated. The second announcement added over 40 to the list and promised "more Featured Speaker, mentors, meetups, and panels announcements in the coming weeks."

SXSW 2014 Music Conference Accepted Sessions

A Billion Tiny Screens: Future of Social Visual (Scott Perry, Sperry Media)Africa's Mobile Music: A New Way of Listening (Catherine Luckhoff, AfricaMaven)Album Recording: When Do You Hire a Pro? (Larry Crane, Tape Op/Jackpot! Recording)Alternative, Rock and Pop Go To Broadway (Dave Clemmons, StylesFour Productions)Anatomy of a Placement (Travis McFetridge, Great South Bay Music Group Inc)Anyone Can DJ: Democratization of Music Creation (Tyler Jensen, Beatport)Are Brands The New Music Tastemakers? (Helena Ngo, VerveLife)Art vs Craft - Original Music for Advertising (Jack Bradley, HiFi Project)Artists' Role in Homeland Security (Daryl Friedman, The Recording Academy)Back 2 School Special: Truth behind College Buying (Kelly Benini, University Union of Syracuse University)Bad Ass Concert Marketing: Pack The F#cking Room (Dan Steinberg, Square Peg Concerts)Be Your Own Tastemaker: Music Discovery in 2014 (David Greenwald, Rawkblog)Beyond The Play Button: Images and Album Credits (Bill Wilson, Data and the Music Business (Will Flaherty, SeatGeek)Breaking Big with Sync, 2nd Screen and Smart Devices (Rica Squires, Shazam Entertainment)Build the Perfect YouTube Presence with Channels (Caroline Bottomley, RadarMusicVideos)Build Your Business In The UK (Jules Parker, Polaroid Management)Building Brands in the New Heartland (Paul Jankowski, Access Brand Strategies)Business Managers Brainstorm on Royalties (Cedar Boschan, Hurewitz Boschan and Co LLP)Can Altruism Be The New Music Business Model? (Chris Tyng, Grow Music Project)Can Music Libraries Pay Your Bills? (Leona Laurie, Megatrax Production Music)Come on, Get Appy (Jillian Stefanki, Facebook)Compulsory Licenses and Online Music (Jodie Griffin, Public Knowledge)Converse Rubber Tracks: No Strings Attached (Gabe McDonough, Leo Burnett)Copyright Termination Rules Have to Change (Bartees Cox, Public Knowledge)Creative Artist Development for Fun and Profit (John Manganilla, Moonwlk)Crossing Over: Secrets of Performing Arts Centers (Larry Kosson, The Roots Agency)Defining Success in the Streaming World (Graham James, Spotify)Designing the $100 Billion Music Business (Peter Schwinge, The New Music Seminar)Did the Internet Kill the Album Review? (Anthony Fantano, The Needle Drop)Direct to Fan: Showing the Love Brings the Love (Mike Jones, A to Z Media)Distribution of Income in a Streaming Economy (Kjartan Slette, WiMP/Aspiro Music)DIY Digital: A Guide to Organic Online Marketing (Marni Wandner, Sneak Attack Media)DIY Screenprinting Tips and Tricks (Andy MacDougall, TMI Screenprinting Equipment)Don't Let Your Music Become Anti-Social Media (Jason Gross, Perfect Sound Forever)Elevator Pitch Session (Brian Zisk, SF MusicTech Summit)Ethical Access to Live Recordings: Artists and Fans (Paul Conway, University of Michigan School of Information)Event Cinema Taking Rock 'n Roll to the Big Screen (Grant Calton, Omniverse Vision)Exploring Mystique in the Art of Music Mastering (Gavin Lurssen, Lurssen Mastering)Fashion + Rock n' Roll: A Timeless Bond (Stephen Niedzwiecki, YARD)From Art to Commerce and Artists to Entrepreneurs (Tamara Saviano, Tamara Saviano Media)From Songs to Scores: Can Songwriters Score Films? (Brad Shenfeld, Shenfeld Law, Pc)Get Yourself Working With Music Houses on Ads Now (Ravi Krishnaswami, COPILOT Strategic Music + Sound)Getting Your Music Heard in the Streaming Age (Kristin Hehir, Rovi Corporation)Got Stems? Mashups For The Masses (Kahlil Ashanti, Indiloop Media Inc)Has Metal Lost Its Edge? (Kimberly Kelly, Pitchfork Media)Heavy Metal Entrepreneurship - A Ph.D. Study (Laura Laaksonen, Consulate General of Finland in Los Angeles)Hip Hop: From Mixtapes to the Cloud (Dan Dupree, SoundCloud)How Do Independent Content Creators Get Paid? (Cory Llewellyn, Transmission Media)How to Build the Right Team Around Your Music (Nani Stoick, Vector Management)How to Do-It Better in the Bedroom (Madison Grieco, Stadiumred)How to Steal Like An Artist (Margot Kaminski, Information Society Project at Yale Law School)If TV is the New Radio, Brands are the New AandR... (Michael Frick, Mophonics)In-Store Radio: 200M Potential Fans (Richard Jankovich, Shoplifter )Indie Food is the New Indie Rock (Tom Monday, Small Batch America/Indie Canteen)Intergenerational Communication in Media Relations (Howard Wuelfing, Howlin' Wuelf Media Inc)International Commerce - A U.S. Label Imperative (Richard Bengloff, The American Association of Independent Music (A2IM))Internet Radio Is On Top Again. Why? (Kathryn Shantz, Samsung Electronics)Is Loyalty Dead in a Soul-Starved Industry? (Val Denn, Val Denn Agency)It Takes a Village to Score a Show (David Ries, Discovery Communications)It Takes Money To Make Money: Alternative Funding (Mike Fabio, Lyric Financial)James Williamson: From Riffs to Bits (Leigh Durst, IEEE)John Williams to Pharrell Williams: Composers 2.0 (Rebecca Rienks, E! Entertainment/NBCUniversal)Letting Your Fandoms Build Your Kingdoms (Rae Votta, N/A)Life Beyond Music: Musical Hobby to Musical Career (Josiah Albertsen, Raymond James)Local Approaches in the International Music Market (Andrea Leonelli, Digital Music Trends)Love the Art, Fuck the Artist: The re-emerging artist rights movement? (Jay Rosenthal, NMPA)Makin' Cents: Why Microcents Count (Jeremy Peters, Ghostly International+Ghostly Songs)Making the Transition From Artist to Suit (David Hoffman, Shapiro Bernstein Music Publishing)Man vs. Machine: The Curation Dilemma (Marc Ruxin, TastemakerX)Marketing/Branding in Live Music Business Today (Michael Bishop, Crossroads Presents)Maximizing International Performance Royalties (Marie Knowles, SoundExchange)Moblie Music Marketing: A How To Guide (Theda Sandiford, Republic Records)Museum Music: Art Galleries as Performance Space (Adam Bennett, Blanton Museum of Art)Music Agency of Record (Daniel Jackson, Cord Worldwide Ltd)Music and Economic Development for Cities (Cameron Mann, Memphis Music Foundation)Music Festivals- Advice From The Experts (Steve Oberman, Flavorus/Groovetickets)New Adventures in Copyright Enforcement (Casey Rae, Future of Music Coalition)New Era of AandR (Dave Haynes, SoundCloud)New Music at SX: Acoustic Cafe + SongCraft (Ben Arthur, Mummery Publishing)New Punk Strategies: Your Values = Your Biz (Rebecca Gates, Parcematone Presents)Night of the Living Dead: The Grateful Dead + EDM (Sam Hunt, The Windish Agency LLC)No Rules: Defying Genres in the Music Business (Dan Coleman, Modern Works Music Publishing)Now and Then. New Tech and Established Artists. (Rynda Laurel, 1968media)Optimize Your Online Store - Sell More, Earn More (Jason Spitz, The Spitz Agency)Packed With Electronic Beats: Africa's Next Music (Rab Bakari, Mixerpot LLC)Record Stores Are Dead. Long Live Record Stores. (Hank Stockard, Redeye Distribution)Reinventing Artist Management-New Power Brokers (Jeff Pollack, Pollack Media Group)Remixing, Mash-Ups, and Copyright Law (Christiane Kinney, LeClairRyan)Revolution Remix: Using Music To Start A Movement (Roxane Philson, The One Campaign)Rhythm and the Brain (Adam Gazzaley, UCSF)Rise of the Remix: Art. Business. Engagement (Antony Bruno, Beatport)Royalties as Investment - Maximize your Returns (Charles Upchurch, The Royalty Exchange)Smart Touring (Don't Lose Your Shirt) (Gabe Kubanda, Epic Proportions Tour LLC)Stalled Revolution: Inciting Women to Leadership (Neeta Ragoowansi, Women in Music)Still Can't Find Your Way Home? (Merrill Wade, St Matthew's Episcopal Church)Stronger Than A Seance: Resurrecting Jerry Garcia (Mark Silverman, Critical Mass)Sync to Success: How to Get Placed and Get Paid (Jennifer Newman Sharpe, Law Offices of Jennifer Newman Sharpe/Women in Music)Synching Up...Is It Worth It? (Theresa Notartomaso, Publicis Kaplan Thaler)Thank You For Letting Us Take Your Money (George Howard, Wolfgang's Vault/Berklee College of Music)The 7 Hottest Topics in Web Music Tech in 2014 (Todd Tate, Avenue Live)The Art of Punk (Bryan Turcotte, Beta Patrol)The Art of the Crossfade (Jeff Beckham, Wired)The Chitlin Circuit and the Road to Rock and Roll (Margaret Moser, The Austin Chronicle)The Death of Podcasting Has Been Exaggerated (Paul Phelps, The Metalsucks Podcast)The Definitive Guide to Live Music and Streaming (John Petrocelli, Bulldog Digital Media)The Digital Music Performance Royalty Apocalypse (Paul Fakler, Arent Fox LLP)The Evolution of Audio in a Mobile World (Sabrina Pietryga, Text100)The Nerdy Music Panel (Raheem Jarbo, RandomBeats LLC)The New EDM Fan (Martina Wang, Eventbrite)The New Geography of the Music World (Julie Harari-West, Deezer UK and Ireland)The Rise of Influence Marketing in Music (Acacia Newlon, Ticketfly)The Value of Music Export Offices (Shain Shapiro, Sound Diplomacy)Today's Best Practices in Music Publicity (Dmitri Vietze, StoryAmp LLC)Top Tech Innovation Trends for Music 2014 (Kevin O'Malley, TechTalk/Studio)Touring on a Budget (Mark Scribner, Piemonte and Liebhauser LLC)Touring Tips Straight from the Trenches (Mike Manewitz, Cash: How To Hitch Your Music To A Trailer (Steven Scharf, Steven Scharf Entertainment/Carlin America)Transform a One Night Stand Into a Long Relationship (Matt Calderone, LaunchSquad)UK Television: 10 Rules For Music Placement (Mark Gordon, Score Draw Music)Ups and Downs of Creating a Digital Song Catalog (Howell O'Rear, McInteer and O'Rear PLC)Upsetting Rock Stars: The Story Of A UK Indie Zine (Karren Ablaze, Mittens On Publishing)U.S. Immigration Options for Musicians from Abroad (Sharon Brenner, Surowitz Immigration PC)Using Music to Sell Other Stuff (Ken Hertz, Hertz Lichtenstein and Young Media Law)Website Demolition Derby (David Dufresne, Bandzoogle)Why Fans Can't Buy Good Seats (Lawrence Iser, Kinsella Weitzman Iser Kump and Aldisert)Will Artists Make Money on Big Music Platforms? (Hany Nada, GGV Capital)Writing for Music Libraries is Now Officially Cool (Steve Knill, GMR Marketing)You Got Music, You Got Tech, Now Build Me Products (Michael Cerda, VEVO)YouTube - New Breeding Ground for Music's Future (Mario Gonzalez, MPRM Communications)Your Data and Your Life (Courtney Klossner, Patreon)Your Friends Have Bad Taste: Fixing Social Music (Marni Greenberg, The Echo Nest)Your Music. Their Video. Your Money. (Melissa Goodman, Tunesat)

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