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PMK-BNC is a global authority on Lifestyle, Popular Culture and Entertainment helping clients build audiences, engage consumers, and become culturally relevant.

From award-winning artists to personalities who consistently grace the covers of magazines, PMK·BNC represents over 400 of the biggest names in entertainment.

From studios and networks, to producers and show runners, PMK-BNC has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. Campaigns include primetime and syndicated television shows, corporate communications for independent production companies, and personal representation for producers and writers.

PMK·BNC represents prestigious red carpet events, creating compelling and unique experiences that engage audiences and drive media awareness for our clients.

PMK·BNC's film department offers clients a complete outsourced marketing department - from distribution to media relations support, unit publicity and awards campaigns - across the industry, including production companies, studios, directors, writers and producers.

PMK·BNC's music department creates strategic press campaigns across all media channels for iconic and emerging artists, as well as the industry's premier tours, bringing clients to the forefront of the consumer media landscape across music and lifestyle sectors.

PMK·BNC specializes in corporate communications, branding, product launches and personal representation for a wide range of compelling clients in the culinary, hospitality, literary, artistic, fashion and health fields.

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