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Once Upon a Time with Emma and Hook

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I kind of knew at some point it was coming, says Morrison of the big kiss, which happens in Once Upon a Time‘s Hook-centric Oct. 27 episode. I knew from all the way back, when they brought both Michael Raymond-James and Colin O'Donoghue on, that it was always the intention to create some sort of love triangle with the two of them and Emma…having a very legitimate pull between those two men.

So I kind of was anticipating something coming - I just wasn't sure what and I wasn't sure how, Morrison continues. So I definitely thought that it was an excellent moment for them to have an unexpected kiss.

Adds O'Donoghue: I think there was always something there between the characters. So it's definitely something that was in the background, and I'm sure it's something some of the fans have wanted to see since my first episode.

But what leads up to this moment? And when they do kiss, does Emma still think that Neal (Raymond-James) is dead? That info can be found in this week's issue of Entertainment Weekly. In the meantime, enjoy this GIF of exclusive shots.

Once Upon a Time‘s next new episode, titled Nasty Habits, airs this Sunday on ABC.[/vc_column_text][/vc_row]
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