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Tommy Morrison, former heavyweight champion, dies at 44

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Image Credit: Everett Collection

Tommy Morrison, the former heavyweight champion who stood toe-to-toe with Lennox Lewis and George Foreman and later tested positive for HIV, died Monday. He was 44.

Morrison died Sunday night at a Nebraska hospital, said Tony Holden, his longtime promoter and close friend. The family would not disclose the cause of death.

In 1993, Morrison beat Foreman to win the WBO heavyweight title, only to lose it to unheralded Michael Bentt in a defeat that scuttled a showdown with Lewis. Morrison would fight Lewis a couple of years later, getting knocked out in the sixth round in Atlantic City, N.J.

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Tommy Morrison, former heavyweight champion, dies at 44 Tommy Morrison, former heavyweight champion, dies at 44 Reviewed by Crisher Entertainment on September 04, 2013 Rating: 5

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