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Sub Bass Free Ableton Pack #63 by AfroDJMac

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AfroDJMac has released another freebie for Ableton Live users:

I've released a new free Ableton Live Pack for adding sub bass to any instrument. Basically it is an instrument rack with two chains: one to drop in any synth you desire, and another with a sine wave synth to supply sub bass. There are macro controls to adjust the volume of the sub bass and the octaves of both the sub and the other synth. This instrument rack makes it easy to thicken any synth with some deep bass.

Get earth-shaking sub bass easily with this free Ableton Live Pack. It allows you to quickly drop any synth in the instrument rack, and adds heavy bass to get the floor moving.

Free Download @

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Sub Bass Free Ableton Pack #63 by AfroDJMac Sub Bass Free Ableton Pack #63 by AfroDJMac Reviewed by Crisher Entertainment on September 23, 2012 Rating: 5

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