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Actress Olivia Wilde Goes Back to Blonde

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Olivia Wilde has gone to the dark lighter side. The naturally blond actress has already proven that she's not afraid of changing up her hair styles from time to time (not as much as Rihanna, though) after chopping off her long tresses for a casual layered 'do in January.

But instead of going shorter, Wilde lightened up her color. READ: Did Olivia Wilde and Chris Hemsworth Get Married?! Liv's new look is for her latest film Rush with Chris Hemsworth (remember, we saw a peek of it when we thought they got hitched).

Now, we're pretty sure it's common knowledge that Wilde would look amazingly gorgeous regardless of what she did with her hair. Heck, she could even pull a G.I. Jane and it'd be hot. But we gotta ask, which look do you like better? Sound off in the comments!

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