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Grey's Anatomy Redux

[vc_row][vc_column width="1/1"][vc_column_text][templatera id="4031"][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column_text]It's that time of year again, crossover clash! Derek's (Patrick Dempsey) recently sober sister came to Seattle from that other little Shonda Rhimes show, Private Practice, with an impossible request. Plus, Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Cristina (Sandra Oh) duke it out in therapy. And that was just the beginning of the drama that went down in Grey's Anatomy this week.

Are these the end times for Cristina and Owen? Can Derek and sis Amelia (Caterina Scorsone) come together to save a friend? Find out now!

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Twisted Sisters: Oh no he didn't! Yep, he did. Owen came out swinging and used everything he had to throw in Cristina's face, and what is worse than his accusations of murdering their baby? Bringing up Meredith's and Cristina's close friendship, that's what! He even used little Zola as an example of why Cristina should also want to have a baby. The gall! We really do not like Owen in this episode. Not at all. These issues seem like something they should have talked about before their quickie marriage in Meredith's living room.

Sibling Surgeons: Derek's little sister, Amelia came to town with a practically impossible request. A risky surgery on fellow Private Practice doctor's baby mama. We admit we wanted to be slightly disgruntled about Amelia waltzing into town because the last time she did she also waltzed into Mark's bed when Lexie (Chyler Leigh) was showing up to reunite. And we're still waiting for that Mark-Lexie reunion but we digress. We must admit Amelia is really cool. Her relationship with her brother is so perfectly complicated. While the procedure took only 90 seconds, it took two shows and two hours for a result. Spoiler alert: the tricky surgery was a success and we wept like babies.

Study Partners: Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is pretty much proving to be an awesome surgeon even out of her former home turf of neuro. Tonight she teams up with Callie (Sara Ramirez) and a mangled meat grinder hand that almost made our dinner reappear. With Dr. Webber (James Pickens, Jr.) and Callie sneaking around the shadows like mafia bosses, these oral board exams are like this year's race for chief resident, or the intern exam, or any high stakes test of years past that could stop a doc's career in its tracks.

Meddling Miranda: Bailey was literally looking over Mark's (Eric Dane) shoulder through a surgery. But it gave Jackson (Jesse Williams) a chance to grow a real backbone. Are we the only ones who found that incredibly attractive when he kicked Bailey out of the OR? And not just from the pretty pretty eyes, but that strong assertive speech. Go Jackson!


"Stop being a jackass!" Amelia

"You paged me 911 to get yelled at?" Avery

"Let's make some room so Dr. Bailey can get a better of a view of our every move." Mark

"Respectfully, doctors, I told you so." Bailey


"Irreparable" Relationship?: Is the Cristina-Owen relationship beyond repair? If you ask Ellen Pompeo she says yes. However we're still on the fence, they did survive a shooting and a PTSD induced strangulation.

Sleepless in Seattle: Valentine's Day may have come and gone but next week brings the sexy back to Seattle. Between Mark encouraging virgin April, Cristina suspicious of Owen and a hint of Jackson-Lexie flirtation, good ol' Grey's is back!

Was it good for you? Nothing like a ticking clock and a mangled hand to put the pressure on our doctors. But is there far too much pressure on Cristina and Owen for them to survive?

Therapy time in the comments!

In case you missed, we just hit the set and sat down with Ellen Pompeo (talks babies, MerDer and Crowen!), KaDee Strickland and Paul Adelstein (Char-Coop sexytimes!) and AJ Langer and Caterina Scorsone. Check out the exclusive interviews and videos.

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