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Clint Crisher - Busting Through (The Orange Curtain)

Twenty-five years ago, the iconic recording, "We Are the World" generated millions of dollars to help ease suffering in Africa. With a contemporary parallel being released today to support OC Pride 2010, Crisher Entertainment will be doing its part to show their pride and share the gift of song in hopes to help a more local and important cause.

"When asked to write a theme song for Orange County Pride, Clint felt honored and blessed to deliver a message of equality and history. Clint Crisher's Busting Through (The Orange Curtain) has already touched many with lyrics like "proud to be me" and "were making history" . With letters and calls from the community; Crisher Entertainment knew the message was needed and had to be involved to help however we could," said Jeffrey Ross (CE).

With an expected attendance of 2000-3000 people, this year's Orange County Pride is quite a dream come true for many. CE will help in "spreading the word" about this monumental event and it's historical anthem by activating CE's communications and business networks while stressing the importance that everyone joins forces with Orange County Pride to help amplify awareness for OC PRIDE 2010 .

Orange County Pride Online at http://www.prideoc.com

The charitable download for Busting Through (The Orange Curtain) is available wordwide and OC Pride, OCEC and Crisher Entertainment are asking the community to please encourage all to "buy" the charity single availble on iTunes, Amazon and many other online sites. "Orange County Equality Coalition", our partners, and all of the artists who participated in the recording of Busting Through (The Orange Curtain) are thrilled that people, purpose and music will help bring orage county community speakers and entertainers, along with a multitude of booths by nonprofit organizations, a BBQ and even a parade together to celebrate," said OC Pride. "Crisher Entertainment's involvement in this vitally necessary endeavor is a re-affirmation of my belief that if we all use our resources collectively, we can bring about great positive change in the world and truly make history for our fellow neighbors."

"As producers, Crisher and Tanico helped to create an incredibly compelling piece of contemporary entertainment that will serve, in part, as a social instrument for awareness, education and equality for all of Orange County," said Kenny Miruski (A&R CE).

Busting Through (The Orange Curtain) has given participating stars the platform that showcases their immense talents and hearts. When organizations like CE and artist like Crisher, Corday and communities joining the effort with the other OC Pride corporate partners in our quest to get this message out, Orange County Pride 2010 will no doubt make history.

"Clint has been a long-time volunteer and participant in the GLBT community and specifically gay pride festivals and CE hopes the song and our long-term commitment to help make a difference in the lives of others will also encourage other artist, businesses and organizations to get involved and initiate efforts to benefit awareness and represent the GLBT community in the equal rights movement toward universal equality and unity," said Carol Clarke (CE).

"This experience has been a gift and I am thankful to have been asked and able to write the song for such a great cause," said Clint Crisher. "By sharing the important message of "2010 OC PRIDE - Busting Through (The Orange Curtain) with such a vast audience, I know we can help mend social stigmas and embrace orange county as active participants in the GLBT community and AIDS awareness, education and prevention. It feels good to be a part of such an important cause."

In addition to donating the theme song for "2010 OC PRIDE -- Busting Through (The Orange Curtain) to commemorate the momentous occasion and help raise money for the event, Crisher Entertainment promotions staff will continue to urge friends, family, fans and followers of the CE artist to spread the word to download the song or make a charitable contribution to "OC PRIDE -- Busting Through the Orange Curtain"

Buy your tickets to OC Pride at http://www.ticketderby.com/innerindex.php?eventid=2226
Saturday, August 14, 2010 12:00 PM - 10:00 PM
Hidden Valley, Irvine CA (Next to the Verizon Amphitheater)
8800 Irvine Center Dr.
Irvine, CA. 92618

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