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Darrell Russ Riding Home From Baltimore

Darrell Russ "Riding Home from Baltimore" the remixes, release includes 7 amazing remixes and is simply one of the best remix album in years.

Darrell Russ is a passionate, soulful male singer and songwriter from the Baltimore-Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area. His versatile in styles ranging from Disco and Soul to Country and R&B makes audiences captivate his high-energy stage performance and deep, soulful singing that connects with the crowd.Darrell Russ

[audio mp3="https://googledrive.com/host/0Bzl67bNwicMqVnp6RmtLZERVM0k/darrell-russ-riding-home-from-baltimore.mp3"][/audio]

Darrell Russ has found the time to draw from bright, vivid colors which he believes affects and heightens his mind and mood to record his most anticipated full length album simply titled "Darrell Russ" set for worldwide release on Crisher Entertainment.

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