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ON LOCATION: January 24, 2010 for Life Changes Music Video Shoot

ON LOCATION: January 24, 2010 for Life Changes Music Video Shoot in Hollywood, CA. Life Changes is one of the songs to be included on the upcoming Movie Soundtrack for the film CONCEIVED IN PRISON which is a true life story written by Clint. Lyrics to some of the songs on the soundtrack were co-written by Jay Michael Perkins, Jeff Ross, Jennifer Crisher and his late brother Rocky Malone Willis.

CONCEIVED IN PRISON - The Movie. Being Alive is a Cage...Living is an Accomplishment. Delivered to strangers, a child discovers an identity inherited by circumstance. Through self-preservation and perseverance, a man is formed by intuitive reason and self-expression; learning that being alive is a cage living is an accomplishment.

CONCEIVED IN PRISON is currently in production through Crisher Entertainment. The screenplay and music soundtrack written by Clint Crisher.




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