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Psycho Killa (Dj Boom Remix) - Clint Crisher

Clint Crisher - Psycho Killa (Dj Boom Remix) is a cover from the Talking Heads song Psycho Killer and is included on Listen Vision - Electro Compilation and Clint's addictive collection entitled Terrific Distraction will leave fans of pop thirsting for more! Radiating influences of many styles, including rock and reggae, this CD boasts mass appeal. On some of the tracks, Clint creatively mixes his own vocals and riffs on top of popular pop/rock songs. I Knew U Were the 1 is a groovy duet, showing heavy Caribbean influences. The hypnotic and racy Run Baby Run incorporates great electronica effects and flaunts a very catchy chorus. Clint has an undeniable gift for creating memorable rhymes and melodies, exploring topics of God, love, sex appeal, and anger. Moreover, Clints edgy yet smooth vocal tone adds personality and life to these tunes! Terrific production is just one more reason for fans of pop figures like George Michael and Prince to buy Terrific Distraction today!
CD Review by-Xavier P. from RadioIndy dot com
Video Camera by: Carol Clarke
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