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One More Try by Clint Crisher (Billboard Dance Music Summit 2002)

One More Try by Clint Crisher live at the Historic Stonewall at 53 Christopher Street in the heart of Greenwich Village in New York City during the BILLBOARD DANCE MUSIC SUMMIT 2002 on September 30th. This performance of Clint was while signed with Cetacean Records and was presented by Xtreme Promotions and Music Plant Records. Harry Towers put together a showcase that included Boulevard East, Pepper Mashay, Papo Sanchez, Georgie Porgie, Clint Crisher, Dare 2B Dif'rnt, Marvel, Marty Thomas, Riki Brooks, SAID, Nancy Yvonne and T.H.E.M.
One More Try is the only cover song from Perfect World by Clint Crisher Produced by Willie Ray Lewis and was on the Faith album by George Michael. Check out Perfect World © 1999 Clinton Glen Crisher (615341888820) at http://cdbaby.com/cd/clintcrisher2

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