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Clint Crisher and various artists - In and Out Motel

This video shows clip from The Hot Boys World models. In and Out Motel was written and recorded by Clint Crisher. The Hot Boys World Volume 3 will be released in late September 2008 with artist Clint Crisher, mArte and GlitzGlam. Keep updated on all The Hot Boys World artist like Clint Crisher - Peter Tanico - mArte - Hot2Go - Darrell Russ - GlitzGlam - TyRon Jackson - JJ Arroyo. The Hot Boys World Volume Cd's are available on CD and for digital download at http://www.cdbaby.com/group/thehotboysworld

There's no question that Clint Crisher is a true purveyor of House Music, and he makes a welcome and long-overdue return to his dance roots on this album working with Hersh. Never one to travel in a straight musical line, Clint Crisher fully exploits the opportunity to explore the limits in lyrics and style which he has built his reputation, Clint straddles moods of ambient, techno and electronica whilst constantly maintaining a melodic and highly emotive core. The sound is familiar yet totally fresh. mArte and GlitzGlam both compliment the album with their unique tracks and fitting style.

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