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Destiny - Willie Ray Lewis Remix (Phoenix Pride 2008)

Clint Crisher live at Phoenix Pride 2008 on April 12, 2008 performing the Destiny - Willie Ray Lewis Remix, the hypnotic & racy Run Baby Run and I Love You.

Steele Indian School Park, Saturday, announced the arrival of the 28th annual Phoenix Pride Festival. Gays, lesbians and straight supporters from around the valley watched live concerts, shop many booths and got silly drunk in the sun. The day kicked off with the parade on 3rd street, including the usual floats, drag-queens and guys on stilts. Over 2000 people walked in the parade and onlookers had a blast watching. 

Clint Crisher was part of the entertainment on the mainstage, which included 80's dance sensations Exposé and rising star Lori Micheals. There were over 300 exhibits ranging from t-shirts, underwear, sex toys, belt buckles, charities and animal shelters.

Five music stages played musical styles that included country, dance and acoustic jazz. It was a great day!

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