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Clint Crisher - Spotlight (Diddy's MegaWoof Mix)

Spotlight by Clint Crisher (Diddy's MegaWoof Mix) Music Video shot in Vegas! Uplifting, melodic, pumping basslines ... DIDDY is a familiar face to the British Dance scene, perhaps best know for his hit single Give Me Love, first championed by Sasha and Digweed , #23 in the UK Charts, and his worldwide smash remixes of Blondie's Atomic ( #1US-BILLBOARD, #19-UK), Heart of Glass(#15) and Union City Blue. His tracks and remixes feature on compilations such as "Now 37", "Now Dance", "Pascha - Ministry of Sound", "Best Dance Anthems Ever" and his music has been used on Television & Radio.
Diddy has remixed artists such as Ultra-nate, Robert Palmer, Marianne Faithful, The Sugababes, Donna Summer & Dolly Parton. His musical collaborators include Alan Thompson, Tall Paul, Steve Thomas, Wayne G, Republica, Andy Allder, The Tyrell Corporation, Rachel Auburn, Aetherius, Mc Kinky, Blu Peter & Nusta and Clint Crisher.

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