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Clint Crisher meets his biological father (PART 4)

In PART 4, Clint Crishers father fills him in on his two sons from another mother, Clints half brothers and their kids, talks more about the wicked step mother and then tells Clint about his first day at his new home with his new parents the day he dropped him off and how he was told that if he was going to live here he would earn his keep and made Clint move lumber at the early age of just over three years old that very moment. Clint talks about his youth and all the work he was made to do and compares it to the male Cinderella story. After they leave the restaurant Clint takes a tour of the truck his father drives for a living. The same job he has listed on Clints birth certificate when he was 31 years old. The age of Clint by a few months when he meets his son again for the first time in 29 years.

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