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Arturia announces the Synclavier V

Arturia announces the Synclavier V


Arturia announces the Synclavier V

Arturia today introduced the $200,000 Synclavier Synthesizer as a new $200 App version called Synclavier V for OS X & Windows.

New England Digital’s Synclavier was originally introduced in 1979, and, back then, cost as much as a house.

But, because of its unique capabilities, the Synclavier quickly found its way into top studios, movie soundtracks and recordings, including iconic albums by Michael Jackson (Thriller), Sting (The Dream of the Blue Turtles), Pat Metheny (Are You Going With Me?) and George Michael (Faith). Frank Zappa even recorded the entirety of his final Jazz from Hell album using the Synclavier alone.

To recreate the Synclavier, Arturia partnered with original Synclavier co-founder and programmer Cameron Jones. Arturia tried to be faithful to the original instrument’s interface design, even as they added new ones.

“We even used part of the original code,” They note, “It doesn’t get more authentic than that.”

Here’s the official video intro:

The unique sound of the Synclavier V comes from its blend of additive and FM synthesis, with control over 24 additive harmonics on both the carrier and modulation oscillators.

Where the original instrument let you mix four uniquely programmed Partials Timbres in a Timbre preset, Arturia’s recreation has twelve, boosting your creative possibilities exponentially. The Time Slice engine allows complex evolutions of the sound over time–even several minutes if you want.


  • Software synthesizer playable through a MIDI keyboard
  • 450 presets sounds
  • Original programmer + original code = the original Synclavier synthesis engine
  • Powerful FM (frequency modulation) synthesis
  • Full additive synthesis:
    • Time Slice engine for dynamic additive synthesis
    • Additive waves for both carrier and modulator waveforms
  • Expanded number of partials to 12 (the original had 4)
  • Variable bit depths (original was only 8-bit)
  • High-quality output effects
  • Algorithmic reverb
  • Compatibility with the original Synclavier library
  • VST, VST3, AU, AAX, and standalone operation
  • Support for Native Instruments NKS format

Synclavier V is available now for US $199 or as part of V Collection 5. A demo version is also available. Source link